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How To GET FIT While Making Your Indie Film

How To GET FIT While Making Your Indie Film

Bri Castellini

August 16, 2017

How To GET FIT While Making Your Indie Film

Hey you. Yeah, you. The sleep-deprived indie filmmaker who just tried to film 25 script pages in a single day. Things seem bleak, but there's a silver lining to this whole mess of a process- you could be making your passion project AND getting fit at the same time!

On set for Ace and Anxious

Here's how!

  1. don't eat on set. You don't have time to stop working anyways!
  2. Insist on setting up all the equipment alone. it'syour project, after all, and people will judge you if you aren't doing enough to help out.
  3. Take public transportation to and from every shoot. Nothing says "FITNESS" like carrying a 50 pound lighting kit up and down subway stairs while balancing a costume bag on your head.
  4. Only write walk and talk scenes. Not only will this filming style keep the energy up in a scene, but you'll get to 10,000 steps on your FitBit NO PROBLEM!
  5. Stare into the void. The void doesn't care that you're hungry or tired and will offer no sympathy, so you may as well get over it.
  6. Offer actors piggy-back rides to and from holding. Your cast will appreciate the break, plus you'll really tone those glutes.
  7. Have all of your equipment with you all the time. Sure, it'sinconvenient to drag your lighting kit to the park when there's nowhere to plug in, but you never know, and your biceps have never looked better!
  8. If you MUST eat on set, only eat fruit snacks. Fruit is good for you.
  9. Buy costumes one size too small for yourself. Nothing says "thinspiration" like constant discomfort and self-loathing!
  10. Always be working. Done with one project? Start another! If you're a workaholic, you can't ALSO be a chocoholic! #Logic #Paleo

What are YOUR Get Fit Tips for indie filmmakers? Tell me in the comments!

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