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Filmmaker Resource: 2018 Web Fest Deadlines

Filmmaker Resource: 2018 Web Fest Deadlines

Bri Castellini

January 25, 2017

Filmmaker Resource: 2018 Web Fest Deadlines

Are you thinking about entering your web series into a festival? Good for you! Web fests are a great way to grow your audience, gain valuable accolades, and network with other people in the business. Submitting is a lot of work, and can be a lot of money‚ we recommend you check out our guide to entering web fests for details on how to save money, get seen, and more.

But the first step is knowing when to apply. Here's our handy web series festival calendar, which we'll be updating throughout the year.


By Date

Note: Each web fest typically has early bird/regular/late/very late deadlines. Check festival websites for more information.





  • ITVF Regular deadline June 30

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