About Us

Stareable was born from a realization that web series creators were making amazing shows but audiences weren’t able to find or support them.

Ajay went to John with the idea and over Indian food (the very restaurant now catering John’s wedding), a plan was hatched. And because John and Ajay are good at (some) things but have no idea how to design, they roped in their friend Alex, who “loves a good side hustle.” Bri, a web series creator herself, joined in when she stopped by Stareable’s second ever meet-up and Ajay was like “hey, you’re a millennial. Want to write for our blog?”

What started as a site to help audiences discover evolved into a platform for the creators themselves, providing the tools they need so they can get the audience they deserve, the support they require, and take their careers into their own hands. We’re dedicated to democratizing the television industry by helping diverse, unique voices get heard.