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What To Post On Social Media When You're Out Of Ideas

What To Post On Social Media When You're Out Of Ideas

Bri Castellini

November 28, 2018

What To Post On Social Media When You're Out Of Ideas

it'shard enough to come up with an idea for a web series and then execute it, let alone having to come up with unique, interesting things to post about it to remind people to watch. Feeling burnt out and uncreative? Here's a huge list of ideas split up into ideas for any platform as well as ideas specific to posting Updates to Stareable, Twitter, and Facebook.

To use the Stareable Updates tool, you need at least 1 show on Just navigate to your creator dashboard after you log in and click "manage updates!"

Any/all platforms:

  • Bloopers. You can do a full season blooper reel or, if your set is silly enough, post blooper reels every few episodes so you don't have to worry about spoilers before sharing!
  • Teasers/trailers. A teaser is as simple as an intriguing 10 second clip. Barely any additional editing required!
  • Behind the scenes photos. People love watching the web series sausage get made!
  • Screenshots. Both finished frames to tease the look of the show and in-progress edit shots.
  • Timely announcements. Cast a new actor? Hire a new crew member? A cast/crew member get cast or crewed on a new, exciting project? Is it someone's birthday? Make a post about it!
  • Festival laurels. Best practice is to put the laurel on a BTS photo or screenshot- much nicer than just the laurel PNG sans context.
  • Posters. New poster? Share it! Two posters concepts you can't pick between? Share and have your fans vote!
  • Out-of-context screenshots of the script. This one is fun for writers because rarely do people outside the production get to see the textual jokes from scene direction sections, and this is a great way to showcase your hidden hilarity.
  • Holiday specials. Find our holiday marketing ideas here and here!

Stareable page:

  • Interviews. You can either interview your own cast/crew, or mix it up and do a series of interviews thematically related to your show. Examples: a female-led series interviewing fellow female web series creators, a zombie show interviewing other zombie show creators, or a show about mental illness talking to mental health experts and/or creators with mental illnesses.
  • Cast/crew of the week. A weekly "appreciation" post, to highlight a new member of the cast or crew on an ongoing basis. Either write up a quick paragraph about them, have them send you their bio, or do a short 3-4 question interview to give fans better insight into them.
  • Rewatch trivia. To hype an upcoming season, do a regular "rewatch" of previous episodes, sharing a list of trivia below an embedded episode.
  • Transmedia. If your series already has a transmedia element, why not include one that people can find right next to the episodes themselves? Perhaps your characters are as aware of their Stareable page as they are their YouTube channel and they write Stareable page updates that go along with the series. The possibilities are endless!
  • Event recaps. Did you attend a festival or host a screening or wrap party? Share some of the best photos of the event and recap your experience! Better yet if you can embed a few clips.


  • #TBT or #FBF. You can schedule a year's worth of nostalgia posts by just choosing a big library of photos and scheduling one per week for as many weeks as you have photos. Make sure to include a link to either the show as a whole OR to the specific episode the photo displays
  • Fun facts. Did you change a character's name before shooting? Did someone get recast? Was one character played by a member of the crew? Did that stunt require over ten takes to get it right? Let your audience in on some on-set secrets, and link to the episodes the facts correspond with!
  • Periodic evergreen reminders. The thing about the internet is that content can be watched and discovered any time, whether it'son your release day or three years later. So sometimes you just gotta periodically send out a post to prompt people to review you on Stareable, rewatch the series, check out your supplementary content, and more! Plus, every day, someone is born who has never seen The Flinstones.


  • Press coverage. Many outlets still use Facebook as their primary social media, so when you get a write-up, share it on Facebook and tag the publication as a thank you. Often they'll reshare as a result!
  • Posters. The Facebook photo dimensions allow for taller images, so if you want to share an uncropped poster image, either Facebook or Stareable updates is your best bet!

Got other great ideas for how to use Stareable updates or what people can be posting and scheduling on social media? Leave them below!

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