The Stareable Creator Community

Reflections on our forum's first year

Exactly one year ago, Stareable launched its Creator Community, a forum for digital filmmakers to ask for help, lend a hand, find new collaborators, get advice from industry experts, and so much more. All that was planned- we knew we wanted a question/answer area, an area to read craft articles, an area to post and find jobs. But what we couldn't plan for was the community itself, and you have all exceeded both our expectations and our wildest dreams.

We are incredibly humbled by your openness, your kindness, and your genuine support of one another over the past year. We've watched casual advice turn into friendship turn into collaboration, we've watched total strangers consol one another during hard times, and we've watched aspiring filmmakers become experts through the help and guidance of others on the platform. And we could not be more grateful to bear witness to it all.

Thank you, for letting us be a part of this wonderful group of people, constantly growing and changing and making new and wonderful things together. Thank you, for sticking by us as we evolve our platform to better suit your needs and for communicating those needs to us.

Thank you, for building the future of television with us.

Happy one year, folks, and here's to many more.

The Stareable Team

The Stareable Team: Ajay Kishore, Bri Castellini, John Langhauser, and Alex Menglide. Art by Alex Menglide.

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