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Get your peepers ready, we're live!

Television is an amazing medium. We‚Äôd argue it's the second great American art form (jazz is the first, for those keeping score). We all have our favorite television shows and we know why we love them‚ because they make us laugh, cry and ponder life's complexities. Even when we haven't seen them, we know the landmark shows that should be on our Must See list. But as television becomes a more fragmented and diverse landscape, it's increasingly difficult to know about all of the great content that's out there. Stareable believes that in television and in life, popularity doesn't equal quality.

Stareable believes that in television and in life, popularity doesn't equal quality.

We are surrounded by amazing free shows we've unfortunately never heard of. We aim to fix that by democratizing how audiences discover content. Yes, major television studios produce amazing high­ quality shows that we will always want to watch. But the beauty of the internet is that you or I can get some friends together, film something hilarious, emotional, and brilliant, host it on any number of platforms, and effectively create television. Stareable wants to even the playing field so those shows are considered on their merits, not their marketing budget. Because what matters is finding the television that best speaks to you.

We define ourselves by our community-based approach. On that note, we're confident that many of you know and love shows that we haven't (yet) seen or included on the site. We encourage creators, fans and others to submit shows to be listed and we'll get them up as soon as possible, making it easier for others to discover them.

We're incredibly excited about what we've accomplished but also know that we're at the beginning of a very long journey to change television. Part of how we'll get there is through feedback and suggestions from friends and users. We would truly appreciate it if you would check out the site, sign up for a profile, find a new show, leave a review and let us know what you think.

We can't wait to hear from you,

The Stareable Team (Ajay, Alex, Chris & John)

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