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Coronavirus Care Package for Creators

Coronavirus Care Package for Creators

Bri Castellini

March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Care Package for Creators

So 2020 is starting out wild, huh?

As someone who has been social distancing since birth, and as someone who's been writing about and observing "homebody best practices for marketing your work" professionally for 3+ years, I wanted to aggregate some advice for those of you who are newer to this. Whether you're trying to promote a newly released work, you're currently crowdfunding, or you just need to stave off general quarantine madness by reminding folks of work that's already out in the world to enjoy, here's some inspiration to maximize your time:

*have other resources that might be helpful to other stir-crazy folks? Add a comment!

Create Content, Not Marketing Materials

Hearing what percentage funded your crowdfunding campaign is or how many views your short has accrued is valid and important, but that can't be all you're posting, especially when people are stuck at home and probably experiencing pandemic panic. When evaluating how to get the word out about your crowdfunding campaign or piece of content, don't market at us, tell us a story. Some posts to get you started:


Fuck it, go live!

I have long been a proponent of coupling announcements and crowdfunding campaigns with a livestream or series of livestreams. They can be planned or spontaneous, curated or casual, and are a great way of gathering your community/audience regardless of geographic distance. Get started on planning your own:

Stay connected and celebrate community

We gotta talk to and take care of each other, y'all. Now more than ever is a great time to just get your name and your idea out there and build up your email list through methods more nuanced than link-spamming (ie- posting a link to your campaign/work in a Facebook group or subReddit you've never posted in before and then leaving straight afterwards).

Prepare for the future

One of the worst ways to deal with pandemic uncertainty is to spiral and refresh Twitter constantly for news. To distract yourself and stay productive, the best use of your time is to make future plans. Put into the universe that the future will be better than the present, and get yourself set up for success.


Stay creative

If you aren't able to make progress on an existing project because of production delays or festival cancellations, don't despair, start something new! Use your nervous energy and channel it into creativity with inspiration from:

Did I miss anything? Do you have other resources to share? Write me a comment and I'll be sure to add 'em!

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