Alison Sumner, a neuropsychology college student, wants a boyfriend. The fact that there's been a zombie apocalypse going strong for three years and strong clues that her crush might himself be a zombie be damned. Alison vlogs her quest to seduce her crush and investigate his death status simultaneously, but as the series goes on, it becomes much more an account of her life post-apocalypse and, eventually, a murder-mystery.

Fully closed captioned on SeekaTV and YouTube.

Casts & Crew

Bri Castellini
Creator, writer, producer, editor, "Alison"
Andrew Williams
Director, producer, "Edgar"
Marshall Taylor Thurman
Masha Danilenko
Colin Hinckley
"Carl" (season 2)
Chris Cherry
"Billy Jack", Associate Producer
Michele Austin Rodriguez
Executive Producer, season 2
Kmur Hardeman
"Professor Heather Sherman"
Jean Perez
Page Schumacher
SFX Makeup, Production Designer
Ian Boswell
Douchebro Zombie
Alex Martin
Producer, Season 1
Michelle Agresti
Alex Menglide
Dana Shiree
Shannon Spangler
"Martha Shoehouser"
Aidan Wallace
PA, "Brian"


Season 1Episode 1
Season 1Episode 1
Alison 101
Season 1Episode 2
My Date with Damian
Season 1Episode 3
The Lovable Lab Rat
Season 1Episode 4
Group Projects
Season 1Episode 5
The Undead Are Throwing Off My Game
Season 1Episode 6
A Compelling Alternative Theory
Season 1Episode 7
A Series of Queries
Season 1Episode 8
The Plot Thickens
Season 1Episode 9
A Free Man
Season 1Episode 10
Season 2Episode 1.5
Season 2Episode 1
Alison 201
Season 2Episode 2.5
Video Greeting Card for Carl
Season 2Episode 2
My Talk With Damian
Season 2Episode 3.5
Date Night!
Season 2Episode 3
The Unlovable Lab Tech
Season 2Episode 4.5
Video Greeting Card for Carl, part 2
Season 2Episode 4
Team Sports
Season 2Episode 5
The Undead Dating Game
Season 2Episode 5.5
Season 2Episode 6.5
Season 2Episode 6
I Want To Help
Season 2Episode 7.5
Season 2Episode 7
The Set Up
Season 2Episode 8
Guest Lecturers
Season 2Episode 8.5
Moving Day, Extra Footage
Season 2Episode 9.5
One step forward, five steps back
Season 2Episode 9
Speak Freely
Season 2Episode 10.5
Sophie 101
Season 2Episode 10
Help Me
Season 1 Episode 1 Alison 101


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